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Need their Attention? Augment it with Octagon Studios!

With the recent onset of virtual and augmented reality tools around us being used for fun and entertainment, I have recently been investigating a number of devices and products that can be used in the classroom not only to help deliver content, but also to engage learners and to extend those tools that are currently available in the class. The breadth of the ways they can be used and the options available are endless and I am excited to continue to find more products and more ways to integrate them at every level!

At a recent conference I attended, I heard mention of a new product by Octagon Studios where, with the help of this new technology, they bring real science to life right before the students eyes! This augmented reality product is not only fun and entertaining, but I have found it to be effective, engaging, accurate and most importantly…affordable! Intrigued? Good, keep reading!

Octagon Studios Augmented Reality cards are available to help students learn about animals, the solar system, space & planetary objects, careers and dinosaurs! Each card deck come with a special code that can be used to connect the free app experience with your device to allow the content printed on the card to not only “pop-up” in a 4D augmented fashion from the card, but also to move, make noise, and in the case of space shuttle & satellite launching missions, go through the entire launch and deploy sequence right before your eyes! The graphics and colors are amazing & the realistic yet animated effects are great for getting kids engaged beyond the standard image in the textbook or the quick view from that last YouTube video! When was the last time you were able to bring an elephant to life in your classroom or let your students virtually feed a monkey?

I love that there is something available to engage every student and that each student can use these cards with a separate device, paying special attention to those things that intrigue each one of them the most. Move on when ready or watch more closely as desired! With these augmented reality cards, the content extensions are endless, the engagement will be high and the Aha moments you experience will be priceless!

Please check out Octagon Studios here for more information (All products are available on Amazon). You will be glad you did!

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