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See Saw: an Easy Option for Digital Organization & Communication

Many teachers find it difficult to organize the large number of activities, assignments and work they collect from students over time while still maintaining communication with parents and copies of work for data notebooks, parent conferences and evidence of student mastery. Usually, if a particular method of storage is used, the result often creates more work for teachers in another of these primary areas where data collection is required. Students these days create a number of very insightful and creative digital products but it is far too often that once turned in, these electronic marvels are often never seen or heard from again.

See Saw is an online electronic portfolio system that can be used not only to collect digital copies of student work, but also to communicate progress with parents while having the ability to collect evidence of student mastery. This app allows students to even create products using audio, video, and drawing tools while photographing their work! This free web based platform is so easy to set up for any classroom that it can be used by students within minutes!

By providing a QR code for students to access the online classroom through this android or iOS app, students can easily sign in and upload their own digital creations made for projects. Use the embedded video player to record student oral reports, homemade videos and slide show presentations. Have students take pictures of their latest tests before they disappear into the unknown. Use the camera to have students circle & evaluate errors by explaining what they would do better next time. Let students create products of their learning evidence by combining photographs of their work with the write on feature and the voice recorder! Have students write responses to open ended questions or communicate with each other via comments or the Blog feature. With so many options for student creation and data recording, SeeSaw is an easy option as an electronic extension of their work helping to engage even the most digital of natives.

Consider seeing how you can integrate technology by using SeeSaw to transform learning in your class: Read more at

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